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reflexology, gentle release therapy,

essential oils & bach flower remedy mix

First Appointment £70 - between 1 hr 15 to 1 hr 30
Follow Up Appointment £60 - up
to 1 hr
Follow Up Appointment £35 - up to 30 mins

Course of 6 Treatments (pay in advance and get 1 Free Session) £175 - 6 x 30 mins
Course of 6 Treatments (pay in advance and get 1 Free Session) £300
 - 6 x 1 hour

GRT Spirit Points £95 - allow 2 hours

Facial Rejuvenation Appointment £85 -up to 1 h 30

Course of 6 Treatments (pay in advance and get 1 Free Session) £425 - 6 x 1 hr 30

facial acupressure

Initial consultation & first session 75 mins - £70

Follow-up sessions up to 60 mins - £60

Reflexology is a fabulous non-invasive holistic therapy. By gently working on reflex points and reflex areas on feet and lower legs, it helps you to move towards a state of balance and wellbeing. Taking into account the whole person - body, mind, spirit - each treatment is tailored-made to your needs using different massage and reflexology techniques as well as work on acupressure points and meridians. At the end of the session I can offer simple naturopathic aftercare advice to further support your well-being and health goals.

Our feet support us, they connect us to the earth, they ground us and allow us to move forward. They are also a mirror of who we are, our emotions and energies.  I invite you to take an essential step to look after yourself.

treatment reflexology

facial acupressure session up to 60 min - £60


Acupressure Facial Therapy not only uses acupressure points and facial reflexes to release tension and benefit the whole body, but also techniques that work with the muscular system, skin and fascial structures of the face.

Receiving this treatment is deeply calming for the central nervous system. It also stimulates the production of collagen, increases blood supply to the face and aids lymphatic drainage. and is linked to the rejuvenation of the skin and underlying structures.

Your face is prepared with an organic cleanser and warm towels, allowing your skin to absorb the specially chosen oils for your needs.

facial acupressure

Initial consultation & first session 75 mins - £70

Follow-up sessions up to 60 mins - £60

A wonderfully gentle therapy that could almost be considered a mixture of Energy Work and Acupuncture (without the needles). Drawing on the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gentle Release allows the body to release what it needs in the session using gentle energy techniques in a wonderful synergy for abdominal, cranial, spinal, emotional, endocrine and lymphatic release.


Gentle yet powerful, physical and emotional issues are released and unwound in the body and mind. Let your body and mind release tension and stress that you didn't even know you had to an extent you may have never experienced before. 

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enerQi facial rejuvenation session 90 mins - £85

Enjoy all the benefits of Gentle Release Therapy with the added bonus of the ultimate soulful facial experience. Nourish and gently release tensions in your body, mind and soul whilst your face is lifted, sculpted, lines softened and skin plumped.
Based on the ancient Chinese principles of “Qi”, the Chinese word for “energy” which flows through everything in creation, EnerQi Facial Rejuvenation aims to harmoniously support the body’s energy whilst simultaneously providing facial skincare benefits.

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Do you know someone who could benefit from taking a moment to relax and rebalance? Treat anyone you think deserves a moment to unwind and feel good...


Some providers of personal healthcare benefits plans such as Bupa, Paycare, Medicash and Sovereign cover reflexology treatments with an AOR, (Association of Reflexology) registered practitioner. I am a full member of the AOR. It may be worth checking your policy to see if you're eligible to claim back your treatments or a percentage of the cost.

Spirit points

spirit points session - alllow 2 hours - £90

There are 12 Spirit Acupuncture Points and each of the points helps to free you from constructs of your life that are stopping you living in the path of your true destiny. Using Gentle Release Therapy to intuitively clear the points rather than acupuncture, this treatment is deep, very powerful.


Life can sometimes get a bit messy as the world sorts things out to get you back on path. However, it is said the aligning with your destiny will bring you joy, so your destiny will be a place of contentment and happiness. Whilst it is of a spiritual nature we have seen physical ailments resolved with this treatment too, and found it supportive for depression and anxiety. 

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Payment by cash, bank transfer or cheque.

By making a booking for a treatment you are agreeing to my Terms and Conditions which are available here

I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. My business is dependent on the number of clients I can see in my clinic hours. Therefore if you are unable to make a previously arranged appointment I please request that you provide me with at least 24 hours notice. This will allow me the option to re book the time slot with someone on my waiting list.

Less than 24 hours notice may result in a full fee of my usual treatment cost. This fee will be required to be settled prior to any future bookings. 

If you arrive late for a booked session, I will endeavour to honour your full session if time permits, however, in some instances this may not be possible and session length may be adjusted as necessary. In this instance you will still be required to pay the full session fee.


Cristina is very professional and clearly, very knowledgeable. We began with a very thorough interview that was very reassuring that the whole experience was customized to me. 

Throughout the whole treatment, Cristina was very friendly and created a very calming atmosphere. I found the whole experience really enjoyable from being able to choose the fragrances and having my feet looked after so well !!

By the end of my session, I felt very relaxed and uplifted. One of the issues I wanted her to help with was fatigue…when I left, I literally bounced out of the door!

I have enjoyed using the cream everyday, it feels very pampering.

V., Marlow

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reflexology and holistic well-being


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