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about me


I'm Cristina Gomez Martinez, founder and owner of peppermint feet. I have been living in Marlow with my husband for 17 years and our 3 children have the chance to grow in this vibrant town by the Thames. I am passionate about how holistic therapies can rebalance people's life.


Having left my corporate role in pharma to have deep understand of both Western and Eastern approaches to health, I obtained a Diploma in Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London in 2005.

A few years ago, I got attracted by reflexology and explored the profound and healing aspect of touch.  I am now also a fully qualified Reflexology Practitioner, having trained with the Temple Academy of Reflexology in Milton Keynes,  fully accredited school by the professional Association of Reflexologists. I love the way reflexology can be adapted to the specific needs of each individual and how it can be combined with other modalities to deliver a gently but powerful treatment with lasting effects. So since then, I have undertaken further training about the nervous system and the menopause. I have invested over 100 hours in CPD with Gaia School of Natural Health on how to integrate 40 essential oils safely to my treatments. I trained with Heidi Armstrong in acupressure facial therapy to integrate additional benefits the facial treatments. In 2022, I have completed and enjoyed all the modalities of Gentle Release Therapy which founder Helen Robinson has taught me, allowing me to revive my acupuncture knowledge without using needles! Last year, I have expanded my reflexology by offering ear treatments too, after attending Allison Walker's auricular reflexology and ear seeding course.  And I have been on a journey experiencing a  200 hour Transformational Meditation Teacher training with Vayia Nafees.

I am committed to continuing my learning and research, and I am always looking to integrate new techniques and therapies into my practice.

I can offer consultations in Spanish and French, too, as I am Spanish and a native French speaker. And I have done a small collaboration in the translation of Jane Sheehan's, UK leading foot reader, online foot reading programme  and book The Gurus’ Guide to Reflexology Book 1.

"The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it"  ~  Hippocrates 


Reflexolgy with Cristina is a truly enjoyable and beneficial experience.  Her initial questions about health and wellbeing enable her to tailor a programme to suit each individual client.  As well as the work on my feet, she gave me tips about my diet and other ways in which I could practise self-care to improve my general health - this was done sensitively and never left me feeling uncomfortable. 

Her skill as a reflexologist was exemplary.  The experience was always enjoyable and the benefits could be felt long after the treatment.  A long-standing pain issue was helped considerably by the treatments and I generally felt my stress and anxieties melt away - I even dropped off to sleep during one treatment.

I highly recommend having reflexology with Cristina and look forward to becoming a regular client, once the restrictions due to the 2020 pandemic are sufficiently relaxed. 

S., Piddington

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