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welcome to peppermint feet!
reflexology, gentle release therapy and holistic well-being practice in marlow and henley-on-thames.


Hello, I’m a fully qualified and insured professional reflexologist and holistic therapist offering treatments which are tailored to your own individual needs using specialist techniques and approaches drawn from reflexology, naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and aromatherapy.

My aim is for you to experience a deep state of relaxation to reduce stress and tension, to restore your body’s natural balance, and to promote the free flow of energy for physical, mental and emotional well-being.

In a calm and safe environment. With a supporting, caring and friendly approach.

"To the empty mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders." ~ Lao Tzu


Combining the benefits of essential oils with reflexology, this treatment includes the creation of an individual foot balm tailored to your specific needs. The unique blend is used during your treatment and is yours to keep using at home between sessions, enabling you to continue receiving its therapeutic benefits...


A gentle and relaxing way to support the body to return to its natural balance. By working on reflex points and reflex areas mapped on the feet, it helps the whole body to move towards a state of wellbeing...

It promotes deep relaxation which reduces stress and tension, restores energy levels and improves sleep. 



Treats the unique structure of the face to support emotional and stress relief by working with the Chinese Acupressure facial map to benefit the whole body.

Extremely relaxing and pampering treatment. You will feel and look revitalise. Very safe treatment and good for those with chronic conditions.  



 Prepare to experience deep healing energywith the added bonus of next-level transformation for the skin. A new dimension to the traditional facial.


The highest level of healing comes on the path to fulfilment of destiny.

Based on the 12 Spirit Acupuncture Points 

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Let your body and mind release tension and stress that you didn't even know you had... 

Drawing on the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine...

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Reflexolgy with Cristina is a truly enjoyable and beneficial experience.  Her initial questions about health and wellbeing enable her to tailor a programme to suit each individual client.  As well as the work on my feet, she gave me tips about my diet and other ways in which I could practise self-care to improve my general health - this was done sensitively and never left me feeling uncomfortable. 

Her skill as a reflexologist was exemplary.  The experience was always enjoyable and the benefits could be felt long after the treatment.  A long-standing pain issue was helped considerably by the treatments and I generally felt my stress and anxieties melt away - I even dropped off to sleep during one treatment.

I highly recommend having reflexology with Cristina and look forward to becoming a regular client, once the restrictions due to the 2020 pandemic are sufficiently relaxed. 



reflexology and holistic well-being

cedar house, marlow, buckinghamshire

phyllis court, henley, oxfordshire 

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If you have a question about any of the services offered you can contact me and I will get back to you  as soon as possible.

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