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Reflexolgy with Cristina is a truly enjoyable and beneficial experience.  Her initial questions about health and wellbeing enable her to tailor a programme to suit each individual client.  As well as the work on my feet, she gave me tips about my diet and other ways in which I could practise self-care to improve my general health - this was done sensitively and never left me feeling uncomfortable. 

Her skill as a reflexologist was exemplary.  The experience was always enjoyable and the benefits could be felt long after the treatment.  A long-standing pain issue was helped considerably by the treatments and I generally felt my stress and anxieties melt away - I even dropped off to sleep during one treatment.

I highly recommend having reflexology with Cristina and look forward to becoming a regular client, once the restrictions due to the 2020 pandemic are sufficiently relaxed. 



I have had several sessions of aromaflex  with Cristina , mainly with the intention of supporting  my hormone imbalances, helping with my PMS and generally helping me to relax more. The treatments have been great. During the treatment I always feel very relaxed and calm, and very well cared for by Cristina. Afterwards I continue to feel very supported by the treatment. It usually lasts a couple of days depending on the external environment, stress factors etc. I have noticed that on the days when I apply the specially made aromatherapy wax to my feet in the morning, the day ahead is a lot more cdd add lm and I feel a general sense of being grounded. I have experimented with doing this for continuous days and those days are much better than those where I forget or choose not to. I intend to incorporate this in my daily routine. Sometimes I apply the wax at night but I get the most benefit when it is applied in the morning.
The combination of reflexology and aromatherapy is one that my body seems to respond well to. I have also used the rollerball but I think it has less effect on me than the aromaflex.
I look forward to my next treatment with Cristina.



Super consultation with Cristina who took the time to talk through my ailments (shoulder & knee pain on right side of body). Very friendly she creates a relaxed and trusting atmosphere, and is a great listener.

Following the treatment have been regularly using the Aromareflex cream and roller. Noticeable improvements include lessening of severity of pain, greater range of movement during exercise, reduced tension.

Cream is easy to apply, absorbed quickly and smells great. Also loved the personalisation of the product with my name on the tin.

Would highly recommend consultation with Cristina and use of the Aromareflex products.

Sung Soon


The treatment was wonderful, as before, and I feel I gained a lot just from the hour spent in the chair while Cristina did her reflexology on me.  The products helped a great deal with all my symptoms.

I’m looking forward to my next appointment!

Thanks, Katie x

The treatment was fantastic. I’m not usually someone that influenced by smell, but I couldn’t stop inhaling the oil blend Christina offered me. What with that and the music on in the background, I was already in a wonderful place when I lay back for the treatment to begin!  Christina’s touch was utterly divine, I loved the very light touch initially and the variation in pressure throughout the treatment – Christina’s was a much better experience from other reflexology sessions I’ve had with other people in the past where the pressure of the practitioner’s hands was more consistent and always firmer.

Surprisingly I didn’t sleep very well the night following my appointment nor the night afterwards but that might be because I’d had an hour’s snooze during the treatment!  However, I felt great during and after treatment for the next 48hrs+. I thought it was interesting that a couple of days after the treatment, the smell of the cream wasn’t so intoxicating for me any more.

My lips are better but the reflexology coincided with homeopathic treatment so I don’t know what it was that has helped. I’m sure its both.

I would definitely like to continue seeing Christina for treatment in the future


The treatment ook place at Cristina’s home. I was quite stressed and upset when I arrived, but that soon disappeared. She has a very calming voice and way of speaking, which makes you feel at ease and in good hands immediately. She offered me a pillow in order to make myself comfortable on the already comfortable chair, and asked many personal details. We then decided which feelings to treat with the reflexology and essential oils.

She I sat back she asked if I wanted a blanket covering me, which I did, and I started relaxing while Cristina worked on my feet. In a calm, friendly and gentle way she advised me to try not to chat all the time in order for me to be able to relax. (I tend to chat a lot as I overall find it difficult to give in and relax). I then felt at ease completely and relaxed, and even dozed off a few times!

Interestingly, she mentioned she felt something relating to my shoulders, and I had indeed felt tightness in my shoulders a couple of days beforehand, which I normally don’t suffer from.

When the treatment was finished she offered me 2 glasses of water when I told her that I didn’t drink at home last time I had a treatment, which was very thoughtful and I drank both. On my way home I sent her a message to tell her that I was surprised that I was feeling relaxed and calm, considering hectic events are going on in my life. I went to bed at a normal time, which felt good. The treatment really made me relax and relieved my stress. I used the balm on my feet every evening after the treatment. I don’t know if it helped with relaxation afterwards, but it was lovely to pay attention to myself in that way, and it was lovely to smell the essential oils when putting it on. 



Cristina is very professional and clearly, very knowledgeable. We began with a very thorough interview that was very reassuring that the whole experience was customized to me. 

Throughout the whole treatment, Cristina was very friendly and created a very calming atmosphere. I found the whole experience really enjoyable from being able to choose the fragrances and having my feet looked after so well !!

By the end of my session, I felt very relaxed and uplifted. One of the issues I wanted her to help with was fatigue…when I left, I literally bounced out of the door!

The next day, I had a mild headache, but it is not the first time it happens after a treatment. 

I am still not able to exercise properly because the fracture is still healing, especially walking more than a short distance is difficult, and I have a few more weeks of rest. 

I have enjoyed using the cream everyday, it feels very pampering.



Before joining Cristina for reflexology sessions, I had been curious about the potential benefits and keen to experience it.  My voyage of discovery with Cristina at the helm has been both interesting and beneficial.

I have been intrigued by the lightness of touch, but the depth of healing.  The significant tingling sensation in my lower legs after treatment has been a revelation.  I have noticed a real improvement in my ability to switch off and fall asleep at night, aided I am sure by the carefully prepared aromatherapy element of the treatment.  The knock-on effect of decent sleep is tangible.  I have a clearer mind in the mornings and can handle daily trials and tribulations more calmly.  For me, another interesting improvement has been with my digestion – I do not feel as bloated after treatment and find my energy levels increase as a result.

Cristina is 100% suited the role of a Reflexology Practitioner.  She provides a warm welcome and an inviting space to relax in.  Her approach is thorough, and she is respectful with a quiet, thoughtful, and gentle manner.  Her clear enthusiasm for her subject should make anyone feel totally at ease.

Thank you for giving me such a positive experience Cristina!  When can I book another session?


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